Psychologist named ways to combat addiction to social networks

Psychologist named ways to combat addiction to social networks

Psychologist and writer Mikhail Khors called ways to combat addiction to social networks.

The specialist told reporters that after the quarantine, which was introduced due to the pandemic coronavirus, his clients began to complain that they began to spend more time on messengers, social networks and the Internet in general. According to the psychologist, the main sign of addiction is discomfort without a gadget.

“If a person puts the phone aside and tries to do some things, but all the time wants to get there again – this means that he is addicted,” emphasized Horse.

The expert explained that in order to get rid of the addiction, it is necessary to recognize the problem and take the right position in relation to social networks. “Move away from the position ‘I want to look there’ to the position ‘I don’t want to – I want to do sports, work, relationships, development, but my addiction pulls me there,'” explained the psychologist and added that this way it is easier for a person to deal with the need, which contradicts his set goals.

In addition, Horse advised to monitor the time spent in the smartphone. For example, there are special applications for this, which show how long a person has been using a particular program in the gadget.

In addition, the psychologist recommended that users take a sheet of paper and divide it into two parts: on one side write what they want, and on the other, on the contrary, what they do not want. “This way it will be easier to understand that constant scrolling through the social networking feed is a departure from their goals,” the specialist concluded.

In January, psychologist Dmitry Sinarev listed the signs of painful smartphone addiction. According to him, a person addicted to a gadget will always keep it in his hands or next to him. In addition, it is easier for him to convey his attitude to something with the help of symbols and emoticons.