11 months ago

Published list of banned topics about COVID-19 for YouTube content

11 months ago

Google, which owns the YouTube service, has published a list of banned topics for content about the coronavirus COVID-19, which is published on video hosting.

This information appeared on Google’s website.

“It is prohibited to publish on YouTube content about COVID-19, which can lead to serious harm to health. In particular, it is prohibited to add materials that report false information about the coronavirus, contrary to official sources – the World Health Organization and local health authorities,” the report says.

We are talking about content on topics:

  • treatment of coronavirus (when viewers are discouraged from seeking medical help and encouraged to treat coronavirus at home – by means of folk medicine, prayers and rites);
  • COVID-19 prevention (this includes content that contradicts the recommendations of WHO and local health authorities);
  • Coronavirus diagnostics (materials with information on detection methods that contradict official recommendations);
  • how the virus is transmitted (statements that COVID-19 is not viral or contagious; that individuals are immune to the virus; that coronavirus does not spread in certain climatic and geographical conditions; advice on not maintaining physical distance and self isolation).

The list of prohibited topics has been included:

  • denial that the coronavirus exists;
  • allegations that COVID-19 is not fatal;
  • allegations that an effective vaccine or cure against COVID-19 exists;
  • allegations that people of a particular nationality or race are immune against coronavirus;
  • appeals to be treated with folk remedies, through prayers, rites and not to seek medical help;
  • calls for people not to seek medical attention if they are sick;
  • allegations that breath hold is a test for coronavirus;
  • calling for the rejection of Asian food because it is supposed to be used to infect coronavirus;
  • allegations that coronavirus can be purified from the air by running fireworks;
  • allegations that COVID-19 is caused by radiation from the 5G network;
  • reports that coronavirus can be infected during COVID-19 testing;
  • allegations that coronavirus does not spread in hot climates;
  • videos claiming that social distance and self-isolation are not effective measures to contain COVID-19.

Videos with false information would be removed. User accounts will be blocked (after three warnings) in case of repeated violations.

“If you post content that does not comply with our rules, we will delete it and notify you by email. The first violation will only result in a notification, but next time we will give you a warning. If you receive three warnings, your channel will be blocked,” the message said.

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