Pushkov commented on the words of trump about the exclusion of Russia from the G8

Senator Alexei Pushkov, in an interview with Politexpress, commented on a statement by US President Donald Trump to expel Russia from the G8.

Earlier, trump expressed the opinion that Washington had insisted on the expulsion of Russia from the G8, because Moscow had almost completely outplayed former US President Barack Obama in the foreign arena.

According to the senator, an acute crisis in relations between Moscow and Washington occurred in 2013 amid disagreements over Syria, then relations deteriorated due to the situation in Ukraine in 2014.

Pushkov added that Trump cannot boast of success on these fronts, and Russia continues to firmly uphold its national interests both in relation to Ukraine and in relation to Syria.

“Both the Obama administration and the Trump administration are not a decree for us here. Therefore, I would somewhat balance their successes in terms of impact on Russia’s foreign policy, ”said Pushkov, noting that the G7 is already an“ outdated format. ”

On June 28, Trump’s main rival in the pre-election race, Joseph Biden, in a teleconference, condemned the opponent’s offer to invite Russia to the G7 summit.

On June 3, the head of the United States White House announced that the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the G-7 countries requires common sense. According to him, Russia’s participation will facilitate the solution of many problems.

The US president decided to postpone the G-7 summit from the end of June to September, and also expressed his desire to invite Russia, India, South Korea and Australia to it. According to Trump, in the current composition of the G7 does not represent the whole world, making the format obsolete.