Putin assessed the likelihood of commercial ties between Biden’s son and Baturina

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on a statement by American leader Donald Trump that Joe Biden’s son had a commercial relationship with Russia.

When asked by Pavel Zarubin in an interview with the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “about whether the Russian leader knows anything about the commercial relations of Biden’s son with the widow of the ex-Moscow mayor Elena Baturina, Putin answered in the negative.

At the same time, he recalled that “Elena Baturina was engaged and, perhaps, is engaged in business, she probably had numerous business connections” with her foreign partners.

“Are there Americans in this number? I just don’t know anything about it, I just don’t know anything about it,” Putin said.

He also noted that Biden “really had – and maybe has – business in Ukraine”, but this does not concern Russia, but “concerns the Americans and Ukrainians.”

“Well, yes, he knows at least one company there, which he actually headed and, apparently, earned good money, earned good money, but I do not see any crime here. In any case, we do not know anything about this … This is a company that worked in the field of oil and gas production, ”said the President of Russia.

On October 23, Donald Trump announced that his presidential rival, Joe Biden, received Russian money and was on good terms with former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

Biden denied these charges.

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