Putin congratulated Biden on his election victory

Putin congratulated Biden on his election victory

Biden announced his victory on November 7.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on his victory in the U.S. presidential election.

Biden received 306 electoral votes out of the 270 needed to win. Donald Trump received 232 votes.

In a telegram published on the Kremlin website, Putin wished Biden “every success and expressed confidence that Russia and the United States, which bear special responsibility for global security and stability, can, despite disagreements, really help solve the many problems and challenges the world is facing now.”

Vladimir Putin believes that with this in mind, Russian-American cooperation would meet the interests of both countries and the international community.

“For my part, I am ready for interaction and contacts with you,” reads the telegram from the Russian president.

The elections in the USA took place on November 3. After the preliminary results were announced, Donald Trump began to challenge the election results.

Joe Biden announced his victory on November 7, after which he was congratulated by the heads of more than 50 foreign countries.

The electoral college vote on Monday officially gave Biden the more than 270 votes needed to certify his electoral victory.

After the last four electors in Hawaii voted, Biden received 306 electoral votes, substantially more than the threshold needed to win. For President Donald Trump, 232 electors voted.

Voting in the Electoral College is usually considered a formal procedure in the quadrennial calendar of U.S. presidential elections. However, since the Nov. 3 national vote, Trump has repeatedly claimed that voting in key states where he lost to Biden in some way was rigged, costing him reelection.

The system of presidential elections in the United States is designed so that the electoral college makes the final decision about who becomes the new president of the country.

So, Biden should take office as the U.S. president on January 20.