Putin speculated on NATO and threats to world security

Russian President Vladimir Putin named the risks of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international crime, cybercrime and terrorism among the existing threats in the world. He said this in a video address to the participants of the Moscow Conference on International Security.

“Regional armed conflicts, the risks of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the activity of cross-border criminal groups, drug trafficking and cyber criminals cause serious concern. International terrorism remains a particular threat,” Putin said.

According to him, Russia “cannot help but be concerned about NATO’s incessant build-up of military capabilities and infrastructure near Russia’s borders, as well as the fact that the alliance refuses to constructively consider our proposals to de-escalate tensions and reduce the risk of unpredictable incidents.”

“We expect that common sense and a desire to develop constructive relations with us will eventually prevail,” the Russian leader added.

Putin assured that Russia will promote peace and stability on the continent.

“Russia never forgets the responsibility it has for the security and prosperity of neighboring countries with which we are brought together by inseparable historical, cultural, human ties,” he said.

The president of the Russian Federation assured that the authorities of the country intend to continue to promote the de-escalation of regional conflicts and the strengthening of peace and stability on our common continent.

Russia called on the US and NATO to refuse from exercise Sea Breeze-2021. Moscow believes that the scale of these maneuvers does not correspond to the real security tasks in the Black Sea region.