Quarantined US churches close again due to coronavirus outbreak

11 months ago

Two churches in the south of the United States, which opened with the permission of the authorities after quarantine, were again closed due to an outbreak of coronavirus. It is reported by Newsweek.

At least two congregations were affected, the Baptist Church in Ringold, Georgia, and the Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. It is reported that both churches followed the rules on which they were allowed to resume services: parishioners used personal protective equipment and sat at a distance from each other.

In both cases, however, meetings of believers led to outbreaks of coronavirus infection: in Georgia, “an unknown number of families” were infected, and in Texas, five clergy confirmed the virus. There, the head of the church, Pastor Donnel Kirchner, also died. Since mid-May, both religious institutions decided to stop worship again.

The publication clarifies that many churches in the United States initially protested against restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic: they were considered a violation of the right of citizens to religious freedom.

At the end of April, a similar case was reported in Ukraine: in Ternopol, a priest, contrary to the instructions of the authorities who carried out services at home, caught a coronavirus infection and died.

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