Queen concerned about Prince Harry’s mental health

2 weeks ago

The royal family is sparing Prince Harry because they doubt his mental health. This was stated by the royal biographer Angela Levin in her Twitter.

Queen concerned about Prince Harry's mental health

According to Levine, this explains the queen’s reluctance to take away Harry’s titles or sever the relationship between him and the royal family.

In my opinion, members of the royal family in London are extremely concerned about his mental health and believe that if you slam the door in his face, the consequences could be catastrophic

Queen concerned about Prince Harry's mental health

At the end of May, the documentary series “My Invisible Side,” produced by Prince Harry, came out. It reveals that he abused alcohol and suffered from panic attacks. In March, his wife Meghan Markle admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she had considered suicide.

Earlier it was reported that Levine accused Prince Harry of “playing the victim.” She said he claims he enjoys the life of a common man in the United States, yet continues to surround himself with luxury. “Apparently a house with sixteen baths is not a privilege,” she wrote.