11 months ago

Queen’s guitarist had a heart attack

11 months ago

Queen’s 72-year-old rock band guitarist Brian May had a heart attack in early May

The musician said this in his Instagram.

On Monday, May 25, May recorded a 7-minute video message in which he spoke about his “medical adventures” in May.

It all started when he injured his buttock while working in a garden earlier this month.

“I really had a rupture in my … my big buttock muscle,” he said.

Then he had trouble with his back. The spinal MRI revealed that the sciatic nerve was compressed. It felt like “someone was sticking a screwdriver in his back,” the musician said.

This was followed by heart problems: the guitarist had a heart attack.

“In the middle of the painful back saga, I had a little heart attack. The pain lasted about 40 minutes,” said the musician.

Then May was urgently hospitalized in the hospital, where it turned out that he had three overflowed arteries, which blocked the blood flow to the heart.

The musician said he was shocked when he found out about his condition because he thought he was healthy.

“I had no idea [that there was a problem], I had great electrocardiograms and everything, you know. “Nothing foreshadowed that I would have real, serious problems. I could have died from it,” he added.

Mayu Hospital had a stenting. May called it an “incredible surgery.”

He assured me that he feels good now.

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