Quentin Tarantino confirms he’s retiring from film

As part of the promotion of his book “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” iconic American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino took part in the Bill Maar Show.

The host asked the director if his next film would really be his last, adding for himself that he thought it was a monstrous idea, to which Tarantino replied in the affirmative, adding that directors at a solid age are no longer making movies as good as they did in their prime:

“Imagine if Don Siegel had left right after ‘Escape from Alcatraz.’ What a final film that would have been! The fat point! But he made two more pictures that he hardly really wanted to finish.”

Maar also asked if the 58-year-old Tarantino was planning to remake his debut film, Mad Dogs, and thus loop his filmography. Quentin replied that for him shooting “Mad Dogs” was something of a chance to “seize the moment,” and it can’t be repeated, but he did consider making a remake, but clarified that he wouldn’t do it.

“No, Internet, I won’t do that! But I was thinking about it,” Tarantino said.