Racism in the United States vs victim position.

The more people with white skin talk about racism towards African Americans, the more acute this topic will be in the eyes of people with black skin.

Remembering the history of slavery – “what a terrible lot fell on the fate of the Negroid race” – all the writers feel sorry for African Americans. They say that blacks are poor and unhappy, and that their rights are always denied.

People who constantly broadcast about racism have absolutely no sympathy for African Americans. They subconsciously humiliate them with their pity. Pity is a position of superiority and dominance over the one who is pityed. And African Americans feel it subconsciously. And it pisses them off, NOT subconsciously.

Let’s do it this way. People with black, red, white, yellow, gray-brownish skin are PEOPLE! And people of any race can be aggressive, they can do bad deeds, as well as they can do wonderful deeds and be the kindest and pleasant people.

Even good people do bad things. And even bad people can do good. Everything in our life depends on the decisions made and the circumstances that influence those decisions.


I also read a lot in the comments that blacks are wildly discriminated against, although they are white and fluffy, they are not guilty of anything.

Dear readers. Everyone who is inclined to be discriminated against is discriminated against. Everyone who lives in a victim position. And here again, it’s not a matter of race, gender, sexual preference, or age. You can only hurt the person who himself experiences a conflict within himself.

I’ll clarify right away. I am against violence in any form, be it psychological or physical violence.

In 2010, I lived for a week in the American city of Macon in the state of Georgia, where we were forbidden to leave the hotel room, because most of the population is not the most good-natured African-Americans with a gun. They calmly threw cans from the windows of cars at our acquaintances who were walking down the street. It was really scary there. And the point is not that all African Americans are like that.

Just don’t write in the comments now that I consider all blacks to be aggressive lawbreakers. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The world is not divided into good and bad. There is enough shit and honey everywhere. We must soberly assess the situation.

Protests can be held in a civilized manner.

And you can destroy and destroy what has been built for years.

In the United States, there are planned organized criminal actions that are completely irrelevant to the murdered Floyd. And that’s another story.