Radicals rioted in Seattle and Portland after Biden’s inauguration

Radicals rioted in Seattle and Portland after Biden's inauguration

In the United States, radicals rioted after President Joseph Biden’s inauguration in Seattle and Portland.

In Seattle, a violent crowd vandalized an Amazon store and a courthouse, and hooligans also burned a U.S. flag. The pogrom was staged by representatives of left-wing radical movements, including anti-fascists. Policemen managed to detain two people who were accused of breaking and entering and damaging other people’s property.

In nearby Portland, Portland, left-wing radicals shouted slogans about not wanting Biden, but demanding justice. More than 100 people vandalized a Democratic Party office in the city. Police arrived on the scene and detained eight people for rioting and arson. Aggressive anti-fascist youths also rioted in another part of Portland. The American Immigration Service building was attacked. Some of the protesters were seen by police with gas canisters, tasers, and shields and gas canisters.