11 months ago

Re-infected coronavirus patients are not contagious – a study

11 months ago

Approximately 300 coronavirus patients who have recovered from the coronavirus and have been tested again for the virus have not been infected themselves, according to South Korean health officials.

Preliminary results presented on Monday by the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that people who have been infected with COVID-19 develop immunity to the disease. Representatives of the health sector observed 285 patients who recovered from the disease but then fell ill again. They found that none of the 790 people who came into contact with these 285 patients were infected with coronavirus.

As a result, South Korea has cancelled the 14-day quarantine imposed on discharged patients, The Wall Street Journal writes. The country also changed the term “re-infection” to “re-discovery” in the description of those who found coronavirus a second time after their recovery. “So far, we have not seen people who come into contact with patients who have been re-infected with coronavirus get sick themselves,” Yoon Tae-ho of the South Korean Ministry of Health said on Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

More than 11,000 confirmed coronavirus cases have been found in South Korea. More than 470 recovering patients were newly infected with coronavirus for the second time after discharge, and health officials asked if it was possible that patients had not re-infected but rather reactivated the virus. They believe that tests can simply capture dead virus fragments. “We are paying more attention to the theory that the dead virus fragments remain in the body of the recovered patient because we have not seen evidence of contagion,” a professor at the National Cancer Center told the news paper, Ki Moran. Some coronavirus survivors again showed positive results up to 82 days after the first infection, according to Bloomberg.

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