Realtor fired for photographs of a burning NYPD van, which he used to attract buyers

Realtor was fired for trying to lure buyers from New York to Florida – with a photo of a NYPD van on fire during George Floyd’s recent protests

“Looking for change?” That was how the letter of the agent from South Florida, Joseph Svedro, who represented Corcoran, began. In addition to photographs of a burning police car, he added images of boats and sandy beaches in Florida. According to the letter, Svedro asked potential buyers if they wanted to live in “chaos or comfort,” referring to the brutal clashes and robberies that shocked New York during mass protests over Floyd’s death.

According to The Real Deal, the realtor said that he did not see “anything offensive” in his message, because “everything from the email was easily accessible online, in the newspaper or on television.” “It’s no secret that riots and vandalism were happening in New York, and much calmer in South Florida,” Svedro said. “It was just a marketing move to get attention.” Corcoran Group representatives quickly responded to the incident and fired an employee.

A spokeswoman said the company “categorically rejects any form of racist and fear-based rhetoric.” “I want you to know how seriously we take it … and that in no way does this type of marketing reflect the way we see ourselves,” said Pam Liebman, President and CEO of Corcoran.