Reasons to explain why Brad Pitt will never reunite with Jennifer Aniston

Many years have passed since these actors began to live separately, and until recently, everyone considered them simply former. However, at the last Golden Globe, Jennifer and Brad behaved so sweetly with each other that the audience immediately attributed to them a secret romance. Many began to dream of their imminent reunion and a possible wedding, but nevertheless there are skeptics who do not believe in such a wonderful turn of events. And that’s why.

Brad made Jennifer hurt
Of course, we will never know the true story of the separation of Pitt and Aniston, but it is absolutely clear that Angelina Jolie was involved in this. The colleagues in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” were so attracted to each other that they decided to converge at all costs. Did anyone ask about Jennifer’s feelings?

In 2005, Aniston said she could not deny that Brad’s and Angelina’s romance made her experience a storm of negative emotions. Still would. After all, before getting a divorce, Jennifer sincerely believed that the reason for the gap lies in their personal understands and misunderstandings. But when after the divorce, Brad drove off to rest with Jolie, she experienced a huge shock. It’s a shame.

They had many mutual claims.
After Brad and Jennifer divorced, the actress hurried to tell the press about her new life. She hinted that she enjoys a lonely life, because no one else tells her how to live. No one is outraged by the inconvenient furniture and does not swear because of the color of the wallpaper. Aniston was left to herself, and she was very pleased.

But do not think that only she was happy with the new life. Brad also did not miss the opportunity to comment on the divorce from Jennifer. He said that he was constantly hiding from Aniston with a cigarette, fearing that she would catch him smoking. In addition, he emphasized that next to Jennifer constantly dreamed of a beautiful life, but he never found it.

They are used to a single life
The marriage of Brad and Angelina broke up in 2016, and Jennifer broke up with Justin Theroux in 2018. And, it would seem, now nothing prevents the former lovers from converging. But this is too little for a happy ending.

“And why do we need a happy ending? What about a happy existence? A happy process?” Aniston asked, “I don’t feel empty. My marriages were very successful, in my personal opinion. And when they came to an end, it was a choice, which we did in order to be happy. “

Pitt also seems pleased with his bachelor life. “I have friends, wonderful children, I love my coffee, I love my dogs. I have no complaints,” he said in 2020.

Of course, many are upset by the fact that these two are not destined to be together, but such is life. Not always everything develops as we want. And the relationship of Jennifer and Brad is a confirmation of this.