Reese Witherspoon presented her brand’s dresses to teachers. But there were not enough outfits for everyone – and the actress was sued

11 months ago

Reese Witherspoon wished to provide support to teachers who had a very difficult time during quarantine and online training. The Hollywood actress offered to give teachers the dresses of her brand Draper James for free.

To receive such a generous gift, it was necessary to fill out a special form in which to indicate personal data, including place of work and level of education. However, now three women have filed a lawsuit against Reese. They wanted to receive a dress as a gift from the famous actress, but did not know that the number of gifts is small, and only the winners of the rally will be able to become owners of branded outfits.

In reality, the company offered only 250 orders for the action. But not a word was said about the limited number of gifts in a message on Instagram about a charity initiative. Offended by the best feelings, the involuntary participants in this rally, blame the actress and her team for the fact that she was able to create a good reputation in the eyes of the public. This Reese charity event was even advertised on major popular American television shows.

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