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Relatives of George Floyd turned to the UN

Relatives of George Floyd turned to the UN

The family of African-American George Floyd, who died from police actions during his arrest, calls on the UN to intervene in the process of considering his death

This was reported by NBC News.

Family lawyer Benjamin Crump also on behalf of relatives asks the UN to provide recommendations on the implementation of the reform of the American police.

He emphasized that a group of people who systematically “lose their inalienable right to life by the government” should ask the UN to intervene.

Crump also pointed out the need for an independent autopsy, which will allow in the future to establish the exact causes of death of citizens in the event of the actions of a law enforcement officer. He added that independent trials are also needed.

Recall that earlier in Minneapolis, police detained a black man. During the arrest, one of the policemen used a choking technique, stepping a knee on the man’s neck. At the same time, the detainee, 46-year-old George Floyd, repeatedly told the white officer that he could not breathe. Due to the brutal detention, the man died. An autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was strangulation.

On May 28, mass protests broke out in the United States against racism and police aggression related to the killing of black George Floyd by white policemen. On May 30, a number of protesters staged pogroms in stores.

Already on June 1, protests after the murder by police of black American George Floyd swept the whole country. Later protests began in Europe and around the world. Protests continue to this day.

On June 2, as a result of public unrest in the United States, at least six police officers were injured as a result of gunshot wounds. On June 3, it became known that 13 people were killed as a result of the protests.

Against the backdrop of mass protests in the United States, cases of looting became more frequent, and curfews were imposed in a number of American cities. By June 4, the number of detainees during mass protests reached 10 thousand people.

In addition, according to estimates by the Bellingcat journalism project, police officers used force against journalists 157 times during protests in the United States. This figure is higher than for the entire last year.

On June 5, US Attorney General William Barr said that foreign forces, as well as extremist groups, use the protests in connection with the death of George Floyd in their interests.

US President Donald Trump compared the participants in the riots in the United States with members of the antifascist organization Antifa, which he had previously proposed to recognize as terrorist. Then he accused the Antifa movement of riots. What kind of movement can be found here.

Donald Trump also threatened that if state or city leaders refuse to “take the actions necessary to protect the lives and property of their residents,” he will refer to the Uprising Act of 1807, which allows the president to deploy US forces to suppress public unrest . The Pentagon condemned this statement, noting that the deployment of the army to suppress protests in the United States is inappropriate. As early as June 3, the Pentagon dispatched 1,600 troops to the District of Columbia to contain protests.

General, former US Secretary of Defense James Mattis criticized US President Donald Trump for threatening to use the military to stifle mass protests, accusing him of trying to “divide the country.” Former White House chief of staff John Francis Kelly agreed with Mattis.

Against the backdrop of protests and the ambiguous reaction of the president, the Republicans doubted whether they would support Trump in the elections. As early as June 7, the first Republican senator took part in protests. They were Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who joined the protesters in Washington.

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