Relatives of the dead in Wuhan wanted to tell WHO “the truth about the coronavirus”

Relatives of the dead in Wuhan wanted to tell WHO "the truth about the coronavirus"

Relatives of those who died because of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Wuhan, China, wanted to meet with visiting World Health Organization (WHO) experts to tell the truth about what happened in 2020, contrary to the efforts of Chinese authorities.

“I hope the WHO experts will not become a tool to spread lies. (…) We are relentlessly finding out the truth. It was a crime, and we don’t want the WHO to show up in China to cover up these crimes,” said Zheng Hai, whose father died of COVID-19 last February after being infected in Wuhan.

According to Hai, the government kept silent about the danger of the virus at the beginning of the epidemic and covered up the deaths, and now it is pressuring relatives of the dead who are trying to implicate him in lies: he and other activists have been repeatedly questioned and threatened with being fired from their jobs for talking to the foreign press. When WHO experts flew to China, the state deleted the chats where the activists were communicating.

“Don’t try to pretend that we don’t exist, that we don’t demand a report from the state, (…) you have destroyed all our platforms, but we still want to tell everyone that we are not giving up,” Hai appealed to the Chinese state on behalf of relatives of victims of the epidemic.

It became known on January 14 that WHO experts had arrived in Wuhan to investigate the cause of the epidemic. Initially, the Chinese authorities opposed the investigation.