Released a special version of PlayStation 5

Released a special version of PlayStation 5

Sony will release a special version of PlayStation 5 together with rapper Travis Scott.

The material lists various Scott contracts, in particular, the agreement with McDonald’s, Epic Games and Sony. In cooperation with the authors of Fortnite Scott held an online concert in the game, which was virtually visited by 12 million users. The artist also joined the Sony team as a strategic creative partner.

Sources in the company disclosed that Sony has outlined several projects as part of the collaboration. In particular, the Japanese corporation has planned to release a special version of PlayStation 5, as well as the game, the idea for which Scott suggested.

According to the insider, the deal is designed for many years, so the exact date of the set-top box and game secret is not reported. “As with everything else, Scott likes to keep an atmosphere of mystery – to draw more attention to what he is working on,” – stressed the authors of Forbes. According to journalists’ estimates, the contract with Sony will bring American rapper about 20 million dollars.

In late November, rumors appeared that Sony is working on a budget version of PS5. The console called PlayStation 5 Lite will enter the market in the second half of 2021. Sony has not commented on any rumors about the release of a cheap console. The actual game console Sony went on sale on November 19.