Research has shown that grapefruit seed extract can prevent COVID-19 infection

Research has shown that grapefruit seed extract can prevent COVID-19 infection

Scientists from the USA told about the possibilities of grapefruit in treatment of coronavirus.

A new study has shown that grapefruit has a special feature to affect COVID-19. The scientists found that xylitol and the seed extract of this citrus fruit can prevent infection of SARS-CoV-2.

Since its appearance in December 2019, it has rapidly spread to 191 countries. Scientists and pharmacists around the world are looking for ways to defeat this dangerous disease by developing medicines and vaccines.

A group of US scientists demonstrated the potential of grapefruit to treat the virus. They have proven that xylitol and fetal seed extract can prevent infection. The compounded substances are a nasal spray.

Xylitol is considered to be natural alcohol, which is found in plant materials, especially in fruits and vegetables. It is often used as a substitute for sugar in chewing gum. But it has one peculiarity: xylitol can reduce the severity of viral infections, which has been proven in laboratory tests on mice.

During the experiments, scientists noted the effect of dietary xylitol on human respiratory syncytial virus, which affects the respiratory tract, showing promising results. In the body of rodents that received xylitol for 14 days, the virus titers in lungs were insignificant at the moment of infection.

And in the oral cavity, it reduced the level of harmful bacteria by almost 70 percent. Having developed a nasal spray containing xylitol and grapefruit seed extracts, scientists found out that after 25-minute contact with an infected nasal spray, it reduced the virus content from 4.2 to 1.7 CCID50 by 0.1 ml.
This is a statistically significant decrease. Another good news is that in the form of a nose spray it can prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses.

Earlier, according to Israeli lung disease specialists, 97% of patients with COVID-19 were able to recover from non-invasive treatment.