Residents and entrepreneurs who fall into the autonomous zone sued Seattle

10 months ago

A group of businesses and residents from the Capitol Hill area in Seattle filed a lawsuit against the city for damages ”from the appearance of the so-called autonomous zone of protesters.

Demonstrators occupied the neighborhood and held an area of ​​6 quarters for several weeks – after city police left their eastern section after clashes with protests caused by the murder of George Floyd police in Minneapolis last month.

The lawsuit says supporters support the Black Lives Matter movement, but blames the city for aiding radical protesters. The autonomous zone prevents them from receiving supplies, services, running a business and even calling for ambulance, as well as living normally. “The lawsuit concerns constitutional and other legal rights that have been violated by the unprecedented decision of the city of Seattle to leave and close an entire area of ​​the city, leaving it unattended by the police,” the court documents said.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said Monday that the city’s police department will be back in the area from Monday.

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