Residents forced to leave home because of Tesla

The successful businessman and owner of the space service, Ilon Musk, was in a wave of criticism. The fact is that during the preparation for the last launch, no one consulted with residents of a small settlement located near the launch pad of the company.

To expand the launch zone of the ships, the entrepreneur acquired real estate, which consisted of 35 houses in the village of Boka Chika. The purchase price was declared three times higher than market value. But in fact, this did not happen, and houses began to be bought at low prices. Many refused to vacate their homes and continue to live there.

However, according to the laws of the state, they will still have to leave their facilities, since land in the meaning of state necessity will be alienated by law. Residents of a small village who are being evicted from the settled zone compared the actions of Mask born in South Africa with the apartheid and segregation regimes.