Results come in from sham referendums in Involved Ukraine; Nord Stream Damage being Examined

Following a series of fake referendums in the four regions occupied by Russia of Ukraine The results have been released. They show that the majority of people who voted in favor of joining Russia. The referendums are generally viewed as being rigged, and numerous irregular voting procedures were reported.

Officials from the electoral commission went door to doors with ballot boxes that were portable to solicit votes from citizens who reside in the occupation Kherson as well as Zaporizhzhia regions of the south and self-proclaimed Russian-friendly “republics” located in Donetsk and Luhansk where polling places were opening only yesterday, the day that voters were not allowed to vote.

It’s expected to happen that Russian president Vladimir Putin will announce Friday that the territories he is occupying are being annexed , and are becoming element within the Russian Federation. There are many fears that Moscow might employ nuclear weapons in order to “defend” the territory it plans to declare to be its territory.

In addition, European officials continue to investigate mysterious leaks that have affected both Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that transport natural gas from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea.

The two countries of Europe as well as Russia have said that it is impossible to rule out sabotage as the reason for the damages, but the blame is pointed straight towards Moscow -and it is yet to directly respond to the allegations.

The present Russian regime is “shakiest we’ve ever seen,” said John Herbst Director of the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council.

Herbst said on that on CNBC’s Squawk Box that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request for conscription has created an “huge issue” showing that Russians are not keen to take part in fighting in Ukraine.

Putin declared Putin announced a partial mobilization of the military in Russia this week, which led to a flurry of protests and massive arrests.

As per the Director even the most senior officials favorable to Putin have said that the decision of Putin is an “disaster.” But the director predicts that Putin “is not likely to leave anytime very soon.”

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