Revealed a way to extend the life of a laptop

Revealed a way to extend the life of a laptop

The head of Hi-Tech Dmitry Ryabinin revealed a way to extend the life of a laptop due to the increased load on equipment against the background of remote work and study due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ryabinin pointed out that the laptop depends on the battery. To protect it from wear and tear, it is important to properly adjust the power consumption and monitor which applications are constantly running in the background. The expert noted that in some operating systems there is a function to save battery power, in this mode, at a certain level of charge, the work of background applications is suspended, synchronization is reduced, the brightness is reduced.

Also, remember that laptop batteries are designed to last a certain number of charge cycles. If you do not let the gadget discharge below 20 percent and then recharge when needed, however, full charging and discharging should be avoided, as well as leaving the laptop constantly connected to the network. “If your device is left unused for a long time, the battery should be kept in the region of 40-50 percent, and not fully charged,” the expert advises.

It is also important to monitor the temperature regime. Any swings are undesirable, especially when the battery gets too hot. Do not store the gadget in the cold or turn it on immediately after the cold. “Working at temperatures below minus 10 degrees will reduce the battery life, while a moderately cool place for any battery is a plus,” Ryabinin added.

Previously, experts advised users to remove unnecessary programs and change the system startup parameters to speed up the computer. According to them, often Windows computers slow down due to a large number of useless applications and incorrect settings. First of all, you should shorten the list of programs that open when the system starts.