Rihanna first showed herself without makeup

Rihanna is one of those stars that never appears on people without makeup.

Barbados beauty adores non-standard techniques and bright colors in make-up. In addition, a spectacular appearance, naturally dark skin and a perfect oval of the face will allow her to create a complete beauty look with the help of lipstick alone.

But then she decided to show herself to millions of subscribers without any makeup. The reason was the launch of a new line of beauty products from Ri, which will include care products.

Followers were amazed at the natural beauty of the girl.

“What a clean skin!”

“You’re gorgeous without makeup.”


However, many suspected that Rihanna still embellished herself. Let not with makeup, but thanks to filters and photo editors.

They turned out to be right: a couple of years ago, the paparazzi still managed to photograph the singer, so to speak, in-kind during a boat trip in Portofino.

These pictures show that the star’s skin is not so perfect, and the nasolabial folds are quite deep (in her photo without makeup, Ri simply wiped them). And now she also has a double chin, which you can’t even hide with makeup on the paparazzi photo.

However, the 32-year-old singer still looks great.

Earlier in an interview, Rihanna said that her main skin care secret is maximum hydration. And the best advice that helped her get her skin in order and forget about regular rashes she received from her beautician. Her quick solution to skin problems is to give up alcohol and drink plenty of water.