Ring door cameras may light up if not installed correctly

Some Ring door cameras may catch fire if installed incorrectly. One of Amazon’s most popular developments for the Smart Home system has risks that you need to know about.

Video intercoms of this brand are widely used in the U.S. today, but it turned out that if installed incorrectly, the “ring” can cause a fire. In a notice issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is said that about 85 people reported this problem with cameras. Of those reports, more than 30 second-generation doorbells overheated, and in 23 cases there was a fire and even minor material damage.

In response to these reports, Ring announced the recall of about 350,000 second-generation video intercoms. In general, the developers say that if the equipment was installed correctly, there is nothing to worry about. The problem occurs only when the wrong screws are used to attach the video intercom to its base.

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