Ring-shaped eclipse shown on video

2 weeks ago

The Moscow Planetarium showed live a ring-shaped solar eclipse. The video is available on the organization’s YouTube channel.

Broadcast circular solar eclipse began at 13:00 Moscow time and lasted about an hour and a half. During the broadcast planetarium specialist explained the phenomenon of space anomaly and spoke about the history of observations of the Sun.

Ring-shaped eclipse shown on video

A solar eclipse took place on Thursday, June 10. The press service of the Moscow Planetarium explained that the full eclipse phase will be visible in Chukotka, where the Moon will cover the Sun by 91 percent. In the European part of the country, the Sun will look like a bitten apple. The eclipse over Russia lasted a total of 3 minutes and 37 seconds.

The last time a similar eclipse was observed was on May 20, 1966.