Riots over Latino police killings flare up in California

11 months ago

In California, riots began amid protests after the murder of Hispanic Andres Guardado by a police officer, reports CNN.

Guardado was shot dead in Gardin on June 18. According to investigators, an 18-year-old teenager was spotted at a car repair shop with a gun. Seeing the police, he ran. A police officer chasing Guardado shot him six times. According to media reports, the guy worked as a security guard in a car repair shop, but according to the law he could not own a weapon because of his age. His gun was not registered.

On Sunday, protesters gathered in Gardin to commemorate the murdered. But then they headed to the county sheriff’s office in nearby Compton, where clashes with the police began. Several people were detained, police used tear gas and rubber bullets.

Recall, from May 25, due to the death of the African American George Floyd during police detention in many US cities, protests continued, which grew into riots with arson and looting.

Earlier, American media reported that the monument to Roosevelt in New York will be removed from its current location. The monument depicts the 26th president of the United States, sitting on a horse, and walking figures of an Indian and an African are placed nearby. The initiators of the dismantling believe that the sculpture has a racist connotation.

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