Rivlin refused to give mandate to Netanyahu

2 weeks ago

The Israeli press is reporting that Israeli President Reuven Rivlin “took the unusual step” of refusing to attend the mandate ceremony to form the government of Binyamin Netanyahu.

Instead, Harel Toby, director general of the presidential residence, delivered the letter to the prime minister’s office.

Earlier Rivlin had said that the appointment of Netanyahu was a “difficult moral choice” for him: “I am well aware that a large part of the people believe that the President should refrain from appointing a candidate accused of criminal offenses. But under the law, the prime minister can continue in office even after he has been indicted. I believe that the president has a duty to make decisions based on the responsibility of the institution of the presidency and the trust placed in him by all the people. I made my decision on the basis of the recommendations I received, according to which Binyamin Netanyahu has a better chance of forming a government.

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