Rivlin to Prince Charles: Save the Haredim baby in Israel

5 days ago

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin personally appealed to Prince Charles for assistance to the parents of a two year old baby girl, Alta Fixler, who want to bring her to Israel for treatment.

The child was born with brain damage. British doctors say that her condition will not improve.

According to reports, Alta was born into a family of Israeli citizens from the Haredi sector. She has been hooked up to a ventilator from birth at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Medics see no hope for improvement in the girl’s condition. She cannot breathe, drink or eat without the aid of medical equipment. It is known that doctors want to disconnect her from life-support machines, but her parents are against such a decision.

In addition, a court in London ruled in favor of removing the machines. The parents are trying to challenge this decision and want to move the child to Israel to save her.

“I know that reports have been made to His Majesty’s government on this matter, but I believe that the unique circumstances require personal intervention on my part. It would be a tragedy if the wishes of these parents could not be realized in a way that respects both the law and their religious beliefs,” Reuven Rivlin wrote in a letter to Prince Charles.

Even before Rivlin intervened in the case, Health Minister Julie Edelstein asked British Health Minister Matt Hancock for permission to move the child to Israel.