Robbie Williams formed a new group 25 years after taking That

Robbie Williams formed a new group 25 years after taking That

Singer, actor, DJ and ex-participant of the band Take That Robbie Williams told on the air of Instagram about the new “passionate project”, which he intends to create, a quarter of a century after leaving the boy band.

Williams said that with Australian songwriters and producers Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe, he would create new concert halls and art galleries where his new band would perform and he would stand behind a DJ console.

“I have songs that will not come out under the authorship of Robbie Williams. I am going to do something with my friends – create a band! I’m going to rent a space to show my art there,” the artist said.

Instead of touring in the traditional way, the new band will perform at specially created music venues and art spaces that Robbie plans to open around the world.

The musician made that announcement following the launch of the Can’t Stop Christmas holiday track, which ironically ironically marks the past year, during which hand sanitizers and social distancing have become a new reality.

In March, Robbie Williams admitted why he had not become the new soloist for Queen. He once collaborated with Queen’s musicians as a soloist working on music for the film A Knight’s Tale (“The Story of the Knight”). But when Brian May and Roger Taylor asked him to sing with the band all the time, he refused.