Robbie Williams Pays Tribute To Shane Warne And John Farnham In Grand Finale Show

Pop singer Robbie Williams paid tribute during his dazzling, entertaining grand finale appearance in the MCG to the late Shane Warne and sent a message of love for John Farnham, who is recovering from cancer surgery.

In a day where Geelong proved to be unstoppable and unstoppable, it was a great day of shows on the MCG.

Rock group Goanna was began during Geelong in 1987. Williams, Delta Goodrem, Melbourne’s G-Flip and The Temper Trap were all shining in their best form.

Following Mike Brady’s exuberant version of Up There Cazaly started the final pre-match show, Williams delivered on the anticipation.

Williams appeared on stage wearing a hot pink dress singing the 1997 hit”Let Me Entertain You. the crowd soon began singing to the English singer who was a member in the past of the chart-topping pop group Take That.

“I need the whole stadium to do this,” the singer said, before swaggering off onto the stage.Flanked by dancers dressed in silver and gold suits The seven-time Brit Award winner soaked up the bright sunshine and received a rousing audience.

Williams his star power together with his well-loved Goanna Williams’ star power, along with younger emerging Australian stars, was an impressive combination.There are many successes as well as well-documented failures of the AFL’s grand finals through many years. However, providing the biggest stage this year to emerging artists, like Budjerah along with Bowraville singer Tasman Keith is a major move in the positive direction.A song by Williams was shown during the April ceremony of a state funeral in memory of Shane Warne, and below the MCG’s newly renamed Shane Warne Stand on Saturday the singer paid tribute to his friend.

“This track is dedicated to Australia’s most renowned rock superstars, Shane Warne. We love You Warnie,” he said before breaking into Angels.

The camera was able to pan to the children of the late cricketer Brooke Jackson and Brooke. Jackson standing in the crowd.

Rock DJ’s less well-known track Lost were also performed during the show, which lasted 20 minutes. “It’s the obligatory new song, we’ll get through it together,” he declared with a smile, prior to Lost.

A few weeks after John Farnham’s parents gave updates on his health after his cancer treatment for marathon runners on August 25, Williams wrote his personal touching message to Australia’s star on stage.

“Let’s all send our love to John and his family,” Williams said prior to singing the hit song by Farnham in 1986 You’re The Voice. The crowd roared in support of Williams behalf.

The power of the star went up an notch when Delta Goodrem joining Williams for an amazing rendition of Kids which was first popularized by Kylie Minogue 22 years ago.There was speculation in Melbourne that Minogue could be a part of the show’s grand finale however, Goodrem confirmed her part on Thursday as part of the build-up.Katie Noonan sang the nation’s song after the athletes were lined up on the field, and earlier, Uncle Colin Hunter jnr delivered a greeting to the nation.

After the Cats increased their lead to 36 points in the second quarter the fans were treated the half-time show with Goanna singing Solid Rock.

It’s been four decades since Goanna singer Shane Howard was inspired to compose the track, after a visit through Uluru, Solid Rock struck an enormously powerful chord during the most important football day.Joined by the rapper as well as Gumbaynggirr Man Tasman Keith Christine Anu, Emma Donovan and dogeridoo musician William Barton, Howard and his band glowed brilliantly.

G-Flip performed a slick rendition of Jet’s Going to Be My Girl The Temper Trap performed the track, and The Temper Trap was joined on the stage by Ngaiire and the Coodjinburra-based man Budjerah, winner of the ARIA Breakthrough Artist Award.

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