Robert De Niro impoverished due to coronavirus

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro says the coronavirus destroyed his cash reserves.

Coronavirus dealt a serious financial blow to the finances of the actor – he said this in court, because his ex-wife requested an increase in the monthly alimony limit.

The actor appeared at a hearing on a divorce case from Grace Hightower via Skype. Ex-wife De Niro claims that her child support payments were reduced from 100 to 50 thousand dollars. De Niro’s lawyers said he cut Hightower’s credit card limit because he received a huge financial blow – his restaurant chain Nobu and Greenwich Hotel are closed and not profitable. He also does not receive income from cinema.

Krauss also explained that, in accordance with the terms of their 2004 marriage agreement, De Niro would only pay Hightower $ 1 million a year if he earns income of $ 15 million or less.