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Robo-dogs started selling for 74.5 thousand dollars

Robo-dogs started selling for 74.5 thousand dollars

Boston Dynamics’s Spot Robot Dogs have been launched for all companies in the United States for $ 74.5 thousand (5.2 million rubles). This was reported on the company’s website.

However, customers from other countries are only invited to find out the cost and rental conditions.

The company also posted a commercial in its Youtube channel that shows the skills of the robot. The frames show how Spot walks, walks up the stairs, squeezes out on a par with a person, climbs uphill, somersaults and tries to open the door. It is also shown how several robo-dogs play football, move a person on a wooden board and pull a heavy truck by an attached cable. In addition, robots can record video and conduct an inspection of the terrain.

Spot offer to use including for automatic data collection, transportation of goods and other tasks.

Additionally, Boston Dynamics offers to buy a spare battery, as well as a subscription to the annual premium service for 15 thousand dollars.

In May, the Spot Robot Dog walked through a park in Singapore and checked that people kept to their social distance.

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