Romeo Doubs’ big day highlights the Packers receiving team that proved that it is as tough as different

Tampa TAMPA Romeo Doubs had a feeling that the ball was headed towards him. He knew the Green Bay Packers were on the 5-yard line in Tampa Bay hoping to end their first game with the score of a touchdown. Based on the play’s play-call and the advantage he had over the Buccaneers defense Doubs knew he stood an opportunity.

On the reverse of a set that was stacked, Doubs cut on a angle, grabbed an Aaron Rodgers pass, ran through “one two I don’t know how many players, and then scored,” Doubs said in the locker room on Sunday. He took the ball for his mom to give it to him.

Doubs playing in his first game as a rookie had a team-leading 8 receiving yards (on 8 targets) for an impressive 73 yards, and one touchdown in the Packers victory of 14-12 against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

“We made some plays for him, and the player made some great catchers,” Rodgers said. “The aspect of Romeo that makes you feel confident is that, most all the time, he is able to catch the ball using his hands.

“A couple of balls escaped the frame this morning that were caught extremely well by him. He’s learning. I believe that his route-running, which seemed to me like the best today. We’ll revisit it and examine the tape to look for opportunities that I could have given him.”

It’s only the second Packers receiver that isn’t Davante Adams to score eight receptions in a single game after Randall Cobb did it in the first week of 2018 (according according to ESPN Stats and Info).

The stat has made Rodgers eyes widen as the quarterback exclaimed a “wow.” However, with Adams being at Las Vegas, the Packers were aware that they had to figure out ways to move the ball out more. This was the case on Sunday, when seven players took an incoming pass which included three players who had more than four receptions.

“Honestly, (it’s just) making up stories when you’re not being asked to,” Doubs said.”

Along with Doubs’s eight catches, Allen Lazard had four receptions of 45 yards as well as a touchdown. tight end Robert Tonyan had six catches for 37 yards, while the tight close Tyler Davis hauled in two for 26 yards. Davis’s 23-yard touchdown reception pushed players of the Packers to the end zone, which led the way for Lazard’s score.

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Romeo Doubs is congratulated by quarterback Aaron Rodgers after scoring a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Third-and-Cobb” came back on the third-and-6 point of the Packers first drive, when Rodgers made a right-hand pass at his veteran wide receiver. Cobb ran around the defender and ran 17 yards, bringing the Packers into the red zone. After that Doubs took over by grabbing a fantastic catch to reach the 5-yard line and then the touchdown.

“It’s going to be the case that it’s going to be spread around,” Tonyan said. “I find it beneficial that defenses don’t discern patterns with everybody getting shots, and the ball getting dispersed a lot.”

Packers newcomer Romeo Doubs takes advantage of the chance

Despite the ball being dispersed there was no doubt that it was Doubs was the opportunity to shine. While the fellow newcomer Christian Watson held out due to a hamstring injury and Lazard not getting much practice in the week while he recovers of an injury to his ankle, there was a possibility that this could be Doubs the day. The coach Matt LaFleur said as much on Friday.

But the players who are in the locker room think that’s the way that the Buccaneers defense played out for them. It was more important was how Doubs used the opportunity.

“Rome can take on any task that he’s required to carry,” Lazard said. “I believe he’s performed an amazing job to this point in all aspects and has continued to improve. We’re extremely happy for him to witness his development and to see him score his first touchdown this morning.

“I believe that the most significant thing I’ve observed is the fact that when someone does fall to do something, how do they react? The way they did. It is a matter of importance to him … and watching his growth is a pleasure and it was a great feeling to see him score the first touchdown.”Two Of Allen Lazard’s touchdown catches this season have been touchdowns

Lazard For on his own, nabbed four passes over the course of his games. Two of them were touchdowns. The player’s ability to be a red zone goalie is vital for Rodgers as well as his understanding of the game in the event that the ball moves elsewhere is just as important.

“Those are the staples of Aaron Rodgers, run alerts,” Lazard said. “I think he’s accomplished a well throughout his career of throwing these.”

After three strong drives to start the contest (two touchdowns and one that took them at the two-yard mark, but Aaron Jones fumbled on a hit) The offense was shaky. They scored one of their last nine attempts on third down when the highly praised Buccaneers defense got a little more comfortable and covered Doubs up more as they ran the Packers offense exhausted in the oppressive Florida heat. When he was done the scoring sequence, Lazard ran to the sideline, and took a deep breath. He was smiling after the game Lazard said he was aware that it was coming, and he just concentrated on completing the run.

Green Bay’s two first drives were sufficient for its defense to have kept Tampa Bay to 12 points. Together with its ability to stay the ball for more than 33 minutes, and to get 315 yards, even when the game was tough was the key to keeping the ball out of Brady.

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The Packers return home 2-1, with the season looking very like 2021, they head home with a receiver group that is finding its feet. Lazard said the team is hardy, eager to take on the tough yards and gruelling conversions.

“I believe it’s been the norm in the Packers wide receivers in recent decades,” Lazard said. “It’s all about trusting in the training you’ve received. Naturally, the relationship we have with the 12 players in the field is a major factor in this. It’s about being out there and being aware that if we fail to do this, we’ll have negative consequences.”

Doubs believed that the team was more fluid than hard-hitting. However, Tonyan used a different word to describe a potentially rich and definitely diverse Packers passing group.

This, he added, is currently “normal.”

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