Rudy Juliana called the police to stop Cohen in pink underpants

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been the victim of a political rally of the famous comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Just a few weeks after the British comedian came to the meeting of the right and made them sing mocking racist songs, Cohen managed to play Trump’s personal adviser. The actor’s team pretended to be journalists and got an interview with Giuliani in one of the hotels in New York. In the middle of the recording, an unknown man in a pink bikini ran into the room and began to behave wildly, this shocked the former mayor of New York so much that he called the police.

Later it turned out that this was a rally, and Cohen was not arrested. Moreover, Giuliani was a fan of “Borat”. “Some madman came running in a pink transgender costume. He was wearing a bikini with lace, a beard, bare legs – everything looked absurd. And I would not call it attractive. I didn’t recognize him at all, ”Giuliani said.