Running from the Democrats. U.S. Big Business Leaves California and New York

Running from the Democrats. U.S. Big Business Leaves California and New York

This news, on the one hand, is not directly related to the Democrats’ seizure of power in the U.S. or the Republican resistance to everything that is going on.

That is politics, but this seems to be pure economics: more and more big U.S. corporations are closing their headquarters in the Democrat states and moving to the Republicans because of taxes and similar “technical” reasons. But here is the kind of economy that could affect American and world politics for an entire era to come.

The facts are this: it has been announced that financial giant Goldman Sachs intends to move from New York to Florida. The high-tech giant Oracle is set to flee the Democratic bastion in California, following Hewlett Packard and Ilon Musk and his Tesla, who have already done so. They are going to Republican Texas, whose authorities were probably the most active of all the states in trying to investigate massive Democratic violations in the presidential election.

And that’s not the whole list. From the financial old-timers of Wall Street, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, UBS, Citigroup, Alliance Bernstein and many others are slowly, piece by piece, moving to Florida. Although they are still moving into North Carolina, Tennessee, and other places – with one condition: that they be Republican states.

Business giants are only part of the process. Last year alone, and in California alone, 653,000 people left. Today, all of this has begun to be talked about seriously, in part because the Hewlett Packard escape is a symbol. Once upon a time, back in 1939, this company began California’s transformation into the world’s epicenter of high-tech.

America, which is in a state of permanent war between Democrats and Republicans, still sees this process in terms of the distribution of votes in any election – after all, they are already preparing for the next one. The fugitives from the Democrats are slightly feared as an ideological contagion, which on top of that could shift the electoral statistics in the wrong direction. Not to mention the fact that traditionally it has been thought that if not all the tech giants, then at least the Internet monopolists are the lobby that, along with the medical and others, is behind the Democrats. And here they are, you see, coming to our Texas.

But it’s not all that sad: there are no plans to move hundreds or tens of thousands of people working for the company. Many will remain in their homes and other remote offices. Perhaps these people have never even visited a blue state in their lives. It will be the headquarters of the giants who will move to the “red” states, along with their tax jurisdictions. Although the financial factor will also influence the behavior of many employees who have long complained that living under Democrat rule is expensive and scary.

And therein lies the importance of the process taking place, and the importance of it – as an example – to everyone in the world. America in general is a very useful country. There, within the same state, there are not only two different ideologies, different lifestyles – there are also two economic models. And it is very easy to compare them, especially if there are such clear stories, as with the flight of the giants from the Democrats. Although you can try to determine what came first, the chicken or the egg – ideology or economics, how they are intertwined here.

Those who are considered Democrats in the U.S., their Republican opponents have long been called socialists, if not Marxists. The essence of their economic model is high taxes and a huge role of the state (state) in the economy and social life with total and petty regulation of everything imaginable.

And this model does not work. As a result, for example, California has long been called hell on earth by Republicans (and rightly so). The enormous cost of housing, and the growing colony of homeless people by the thousands (though there are more migrants among them, whom the Democrats consider to be entitled to everything in the United States, including the right to vote). Unbearable fees for business. And – numerous ideological innovations.

It is believed that all evil in America comes from California: the terror of national minorities against whites, ultrafeminism, the struggle for the climate until the total change of energy consumption, health fascism (when a person must be healthy and follow all the prescriptions of, for example, pharmacists, or else…). And much more, even hatred of fur and other animal and insect rights. And all this happens through mass campaigns to destroy any ideological opponents.

The same is true in the once beautiful city of New York. The most interesting story there is about the coronavirus. The city was marked by completely delusional lockdowns and regulations, which, however, did not apply to the crowds of pogrom demonstrators who terrorized the Republicans. The result is a national record of infestation and mortality; in fact, they have something to do with it: if the state is Democrat, then both prohibition, pogroms, and infestation are scarier there. New York is now called a ghost town. But let’s not forget the typical Democrat taxation, run away from that too.

This angle – through the shifting jurisdictions of big corporations – helps to present different options for America’s future. The right-wing forces in the country were clearly not ready for a systemic fight against the Democrats’ brazen takeover of power in the just concluded election. But if the business community, not to mention millions of small companies, continues to walk away from the Democrats – including physically, if the “red” states get richer and the “blue” states continue to turn to hell, then… On the other hand, the Democrats will try to destroy the “red” states, for example by federal legalization of illegals and other means.

Just as useful is the history with corporations to get a better idea of what happened to the United States, and not just them, where these wild campaigns to change the national ideology from inordinate patriotism to inordinate hatred of their country, and more – right down to why it was so crushing to quarantine their economy and cheat so brazenly at elections.

Could it be that someone realized all too well, including the examples of California or New York, that this system did not work, and decided to win the game by sweeping all the pieces off the board and breaking the board itself?