Russia defeated the United States in the gas war. Denmark gave the go-ahead for the completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline

What I wrote about on the channel many times has finally happened. The fact is that Denmark has given its consent to the completion of the Nord Stream-2 new vessels.

And of course, this is a very significant day for Russia, because it is an unconditional victory for us over the United States.

Moreover, it is important to note that Denmark gave the green light to completion to those pipe layers who do not have a dynamic positioning system.

Now ships that have only anchor positioning will be able to start work.

Nevertheless, I remind you that it is precisely because of the requirement of the Danish regulator about the need for dynamic positioning of vessels that will complete the SP-2 and the whole problem of completion has begun.

Gazprom turned out to have only one vessel that can satisfy these requirements.

This is the famous “Academician Chersky”.

But, he was in the port in the Far East and Gazprom had to drive him through the middle of the world and constantly confused the tracks, because there were serious fears of provocation by the United States and its satellites.

But now you can use both vessels with dynamic positioning, and with anchor positioning. That is why work on the SP-2 will go in very fast mode.

All this means losing the United States in the gas war.

After all, it was they who became the main opponents of Nord Stream-2, and it was at their direction that Denmark began to put sticks in the wheels.

Only now the Americans miscalculated and did not take into account some points. And the moments are that not only this project was important to Russia, but also to the countries of the European Union.

Because if Europe could not receive gas from Russia through the pipeline, they would be forced to buy expensive American liquefied gas.

Naturally, it hit him hard both economically and politically. They would become even more dependent on the United States. Although it would seem, much more?

That is why they were not afraid of US sanctions, which they already habitually began to scare. Moreover, they confidently stated that they were ready, if necessary, to impose retaliatory sanctions.

I wrote about this just the other day in this article.

For the United States, this will be one of the most powerful blows in recent years. After all, their congressmen shouted very loudly that they would not allow the completion of the construction of the SP-2.