Russia has protested to the U.S. about John McCain

Russia has protested to the U.S. about John McCain

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested to Washington over the arrival of the U.S. Navy destroyer John McCain in Russian territorial waters in the Peter the Great Gulf in the Far East. This was reported on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

The Foreign Ministry said that the U.S. is well aware of Moscow’s position with regard to this water area, which “is the inland waters of our country and is subject to the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. “It is obvious that through this kind of ‘weapons rattling’ the U.S. consciously go to exacerbation, reaffirming that in the current historical period, the force methods of defending their own foreign policy positions are the most preferable for them,” the report says.

The Ministry added that the fact of John McCain’s visit does not and cannot create any international legal consequences for the status of the relevant water areas. Russia called on the United States to refrain from such incidents. The Foreign Ministry also threatened to take action in response.

The incident with “John McCain” in the Peter the Great Gulf became known on November 24. The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that a large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Vinogradov” stopped the violation of the Russian state border by the US destroyer. “Admiral Vinogradov” also warned the American ship about inadmissibility of such actions and the possibility to use ram maneuver for displacement of the violator.

The American side rejected the statement of Moscow. According to the data of US Navy, the ship “John McCain” was not expelled from any national territory.

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