Russia is developing a new fifth-generation fighter

2 weeks ago

It is reported that the new aircraft will have “super maneuverability” due to its technical features.

The famous Russian Sukhoi Design Bureau is working on a brand new fifth-generation fighter – a light aircraft capable of speeds more than twice the speed of sound.

According to reports, the unnamed fighter is likely to complement the larger and heavier Su-57 fighter and will use at least some of its components.

An aircraft industry source said the fifth-generation fighter will have a single engine, reduced radar visibility and have “super maneuverability,” according to the publication.

According to the source, that aircraft can be produced in manned and unmanned versions.

The fighter, equipped with nozzles with a controlled thrust vector, which are a hallmark of Sukhoi, can create thrust in different directions. This allows the aircraft to perform incredible maneuvers.

Controlling the thrust vector also allows the fighter’s takeoff distance to be reduced because it can turn the nozzles slightly downward.

The report notes that the new fighter will be capable of speeds in excess of Mach 2, according to the magazine’s publication.