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Russia Responded to U.S. Statement on Multi-Million-Dollar Contract with Maduro

Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zayemsky said that the information about the new defense treaty between Moscow and Caracas is not true.
“This is another fiction, which is needed to maintain the illusion that Venezuela is an imaginary threat, and this is naturally Russia’s fault,” the diplomat said.
Zaimsky recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly pointed to the lack of new contracts between the countries. According to Putin, Moscow will continue to fulfill its obligations under the existing contracts and service the previously supplied weapons.
June 16, Assistant to the U.S. leader Donald Trump for National Security, John Bolton said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a $209 million defense contract with Russia in May 2019. According to him, the elected head of state wanted to “buy permanent support for Moscow.
The situation in Venezuela deteriorated on January 23, when, after mass protests, Parliament Speaker Juan Guaido declared himself a temporary president. The U.S., most of the EU members and Latin American countries recognized him as a legitimate head of state. Russia and a number of other countries have announced support for Maduro.

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