Russia strengthens in the Arctic, – CNN

2 weeks ago

Experts, having studied satellite images of the American company Maxar Technologies, told CNN that Russia is actively developing military bases in the Arctic for the deployment of the latest weapons. This includes a base for the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone.

Moscow is building up “unprecedented military power in the Arctic region,” the material says. It has become possible because of the recently freed from the ice areas. Experts call it an attempt to secure its northern coast and open a key shipping route from Asia to Europe.

The TV channel called the Russian Arctic military bases a “shamrock” because of the similar shape of the base’s main building to the plant.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States is monitoring Russian activities in the Arctic region. The remarks came in response to a question about Russia’s military build-up in the Arctic.

“No one wants to see,” Kirby said, “how the Arctic is becoming a militarized region.

He said the region plays a key role in U.S. national security because it is a link to Europe and the Indo-Pacific region.

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