Russian military police car was blown up in Syria

A Russian military police car was blown up in the Syrian province of Deraa. Al Mayadeen journalist Khaled Iskef reported this on Twitter.

According to him, the incident took place on the road between the settlements of Al-Sahwa and Al-Musaifra. There is no information about the victims.

The Rybar Telegram channel, in turn, writes that a search is underway in Deraa for those responsible for the car bombing. The operation involves the Russian military police. It is clarified that the explosion occurred at a time when the convoy with the Russian military was returning from the site of the counter-terrorist operation in the Karak settlement.

On the eve, on November 11, it was reported about an attack by unknown persons on a Russian-Turkish military patrol in Syria. During the execution of the tasks of the military police of the Russian Armed Forces to escort the Turkish convoy in the area of ​​the “Kabtan” post in the “Idlib” de-escalation zone, an explosion occurred, as a result of which equipment was damaged.