Russian scientists have threatened the flight of women into space

11 months ago

Scientists at the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences concluded that women cannot fly into space on a par with men, since they have problems with the vestibular apparatus during menstruation. About this writes RIA Novosti.

The experiment participants were 15 women volunteers aged 25 to 37 years. They were tested at different periods of the menstrual cycle on a swivel chair. During menstruation, every second woman had a deterioration in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. At the same time, only 38% of men experienced difficulties in adapting to zero gravity.

Scientists believe that the characteristics of the female body can become an obstacle to flights into space.

The results of the study were very surprised by the State Duma deputy, the hero of Russia and pilot-cosmonaut Elena Serova, Izvestia writes. She believes that the work of scientists may question the participation of women in space programs. In addition, the discussion of this issue goes beyond morality and ethics.

Another cosmonaut, State Duma deputy Svetlana Savitskaya, agreed with her. In her opinion, women quickly adapt to weightlessness and normally tolerate overload, as practice shows.

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