SAM “Patriot” repelled a missile attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad

The US Embassy in Baghdad underwent rocket fire on Sunday night, the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was used to repel the attack, al-Sumaria television reported citing a source in the country’s security services.

“An attempt was made to rocket the US Embassy in the green zone in the center of Baghdad. The missile was intercepted by Patriot air defense missile systems, it fell on a residential building near the embassy,” a source said.

According to him, the child suffered, no casualties were reported.
The incident occurred several hours after the United States tested the Patriot air defense system in the embassy in Baghdad, which caused discontent on the Iraqi side, Rudaw reported. In particular, the vice-speaker of the parliament, Hassan al-Qa’abi, and the head of the committee on security and defense in the parliament, Mohammed Al Reed, called this step “provocative,” the channel reports.

The green zone of the Iraqi capital, where government offices and embassies are located, as well as Baghdad International Airport, which is adjacent to a military airfield, regularly becomes the target of rocket attacks from improvised launchers. Such incidents, as a rule, do not result in casualties among the population and do not entail significant damage.

In mid-June, the Joint Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces reported that Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi ordered the creation of special committees to curb such incidents.

The Iraqi security press service said on Sunday that the Iraqi military also repelled a missile attack on the Taji military base north of Baghdad, where the forces of the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States are stationed.

“The armed forces prevented another attack … The missile and rocket launcher were defused. It was established that the missile was aimed at the Taji military camp north of Baghdad,” the report said.

Taji’s base has been repeatedly bombarded; in March of this year, several coalition soldiers were killed and injured as a result of the next attack. Responsibility for shelling the United States laid on the Shiite armed groups of Iraq, which were dealt numerous blows.