Samsung acknowledged the camera problem with its smartphones

2 weeks ago

Samsung has promised to fix a critical camera problem in its flagship smartphones. This is reported by the publication SamMobile.

A representative of the Korean company responded to the users of the official forum of Samsung, that the corporation is aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. The problems are related to the work of the camera application of the Galaxy S21 series. In some cases, the application can severely hamper – as a rule, bugs occur when zooming in and portrait mode.

Samsung acknowledged the camera problem with its smartphones

Samsung responded to user complaints that it recognizes the problem and promises to fix it. The company announced the release of a set of fixes along with a security patch, which is scheduled for June. The schedule of updates will depend on the specific region.

According to the clip recorded by journalists, the built-in camera app starts to freeze and slow down when using zoom. The approximate number of devices on which the problem was detected is not reported. However, owners of all Samsung’s flagship devices – Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra – complain about the problems.

In April 2020, users of Samsung Galaxy S20 flagships reported a greenish glow on the devices’ display. Then the company promised that they would fix the problem in the next update.

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