Samsung has developed a device to help find lost things

Samsung has developed a device to help find lost things

South Korean company Samsung introduced a new device Galaxy SmartTag. It allows you to determine the location of various objects that have no connection, writes Planet Today.

The device connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the program SmartThings shows its location. The developers guarantee a range of up to 120 meters. If you attach the SmartTag to your pet’s keys, bag or collar, you can easily find all these objects.

At the same time, if the connection with the owner’s smartphone will be lost, the program Galaxy Find will help in finding things. In the app, you can see a history of where the beacon has been. And the device itself will continue to search nearby phones with the SmartThings app.

In addition, if you put the keychain in your wallet and leave it at home, the smartphone will interrupt the connection with the device, and it will send a notification about the forgotten item.

Also, Samsung developers suggest using the new technology when traveling to find lost luggage.

SmartTag can be purchased separately or in a pack of two.