Samsung removed iPhone mocking posts on social networks

Samsung removed iPhone mocking posts on social networks

Samsung began to remove posts on social networks, dedicated to the lack of a free adapter in a set of new iPhones. This was brought to the attention of journalists GizChina.

On social networking accounts of the South Korean company began to disappear publications, in which Samsung ironically about the failure by Apple from the adapter in the box with the iPhone. According to journalists, this may be due to the fact that the corporation intends to abandon the free accessories in the set of its smartphones.

The authors recalled that after the release of the iPhone 12 in the social networks of the Korean company there were publications in which Samsung indirectly ridiculed the competitor. “Our Galaxy can give you everything you need, from a basic charger to a better camera, performance and memory,” said one of the posts on Facebook, the text of which the journalists cite. “We thought Samsung would focus on Apple’s omission and introduce a smartphone with a 120 hertz screen and a bundled charger. We were naive,” the paper noted.

After the release of the new generation of iPhones, Apple announced that from now on it would not be bundling its smartphones with a free charger and headphones. The company explained this step by concern for the environment.

Earlier, insiders said that Samsung will not put a charger adapter and wired headphones in the box with the new flagship smartphones. The release of the brand’s first devices without accessories – Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra – is scheduled for early 2021.