Samsung will return to plastic in its flagships

Samsung smartphones will come out primarily in a plastic casing.

According to sources familiar with the corporation’s plans, in 2022, Samsung intends to equip almost all of its flagship smartphones with plastic panels. Previously, the company’s premium gadgets received only glass cases. The only device, which will be released with a body made of glass, will be the top Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The company believes that reinforced polycarbonate will be preferable for both the manufacturer and for consumers. This material is more flexible and durable than glass, and a return to plastic will also reduce the cost of the phones. This will also reduce the final price of the basic flagship devices – Galaxy S22 and S22+.

Samsung will return to plastic in its flagships

In this case, top Samsung executives have not yet decided to switch to plastic for good, because this material does not suit a large number of users who are used to seeing glass in expensive smartphones. The release of premium gadgets Galaxy S22 series should take place in early 2022.

If the rumors are true, then the future Galaxy S22 will not be the first flagship of the Korean corporation, which will receive a plastic body. In early 2021, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21, which was equipped with a polycarbonate body. The cost of the device in Russia is 75 thousand rubles.