Sanjar Madi and Maxim Akbarov were nearly shot by police in the United States

11 months ago

In connection with recent events in America, actor Sanjar Madi recalled an incident that occurred 9 years ago in Los Angeles. Then, in 2011, he and his fellow actor Maxim Akbarov only entered the American Film Academy for directing films. “We managed to rent an old convertible and went for the props for filming.

Having wrapped in one of the turns, a police jeep fell in behind us. After a second, they turned on the flashing beacons. I automatically pulled over to the side of the road.

Two officers got out of the police car, “Sanjar began the narration (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are retained hereinafter. Ed.). During the continuation of the post, the actor recalled that in the same year, several months earlier, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a Karaganda citizen, Kirill Denyakin, was shot and a policeman shot 11 bullets into an unarmed student.

“After checking the documents, I ordered to open the trunk. For some reason, the open button did not work and I, for the sake of simplicity of mind, decided to get out of the car and open it myself.

That was a mistake. Both officers grabbed their revolvers and sent them at us. Given that it was a convertible, they certainly did not have a chance to miss. The life of one film flew before my eyes. The back was drenched in icy sweat. I felt that I was turning pale, although I did not see it myself. He ordered the second officer to look after us, and he himself went to check the trunk, ”Madi wrote.

After checking the trunk and making sure that there is nothing suspicious, the police lowered their weapons and released unarmed students. As it turned out, the Kazakhstanis passed the Stop sign, the Actor admits that this unprecedented situation shocked them with their order.

After what happened for another forty minutes, Sanjar and Maxim sat in the car in complete silence. Now, in the light of recent events, Kazakhstanis understand how “lucky” they were then.

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